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MSNBC Host: We Should Discuss Hillary’s Role in Bill’s Sex Scandals

Joe Scarborough even compared Clinton to Cosby.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is saying that we absolutely should be talking about the role Hillary Clinton played in her husband Bill’s sex scandals — adding that it’s fair to compare the former president to Bill Cosby.

“She’s claiming of being a feminist and [she’s] going to have to account for how she’s treated or accused or bullied these women who were sexually harassed according to them,” Scarborough said on Morning Joe yesterday.

He did clarify, however, that he believed the discussion should be “about Hillary” and her role — and that the way Donald Trump was going about it was wrong because he “is not drawing distinctions between Bill Clinton’s behavior and Hillary Clinton’s attacks on her husband’s accusers.”

Scarborough even went on to draw parallels between Mr. Clinton and Mr. Cosby.

“I wonder how they look at Bill Cosby [when] they said, their quote was, ‘Drag a dollar bill through a trailer park and it’s amazing what will happen.’”

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The “they” here, of course, refers to the Bill Clinton Campaign. That “drag a dollar bill” comment was infamously uttered by James Carville, (who worked on Bill’s successful 1992 campaign against George H.W.,) in response to Paula Jones’s sexual assault allegations — a brutally insulting comment which, no doubt, is a far cry from Hillary’s current “look how feminist I am!” platform that states all accusers have the “right to be believed.”  

#share#Unsurprisingly, Scarborough’s guest on the show, former Democratic congressman Harold Ford, pushed back at Scarborough’s statement — saying that “comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong” — but Scarborough didn’t back down.

“I am fascinated to hear why comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong,” Scarborough replied.

Ford attempted to explain his position by insisting that “Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby’s cases are completely different,” adding that the number of Cosby’s accusers is greater than 50.

#related#(FYI: Bill’s is also in the double-digits.)

As for the discussion surrounding Hillary’s involvement — a.k.a., Scarborough’s main point of concern — Ford admitted he had no way to respond.

“I can’t answer your question,” he said.

Hm. Maybe that’s because there is no answer — other than that her involvement is in fact one of many reasons that Hillary should never be president.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online.

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