Feminist Internet: Cruz’s ‘New York Values’ Really Code for ‘Jewish Values’

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He's anti-semitic!

According to a piece in the feminist blog Jezebel, Ted Cruz saying he didn’t support “New York values” was really a coded way of saying he didn’t like Jewish people.

In case you haven’t heard, Ted Cruz has been slamming Donald Trump for having “New York values,” which, during Thursday’s debate, he explained meant “socially liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage, and focus on money and the media.”

“I think most people know exactly what New York values are,” he stated.

Apparently, Rothkopf was not one of those people. To her, it was very clear that what he was actually saying was that he’s a racist, homophobic anti-Semite:

“Babe, just say what you mean: Jewish, black, gay values,” she wrote in a piece titled, “Ted, Just Say ‘Jewish.’

Now, in case you’re wondering what in the hell she could possibly be talking about, she offered this very compelling explanation.

“There are many, many wonderful working [white, Christian] men and women in the state of New York. But everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal, pro-abortion, pro-Gay marriage [because black, Jewish, gay people live there], and focus on money [Jew Jew Jew] and the media [Jew Jew Jew].

Hm. Is she maybe — just maybe – reading just a little too much into this? She doesn’t think so. In fact, she went so far as to call his comments “FCC-condoned slurs.”

Yes, she actually said “slurs.” Of course she did! Because after all, just when I start to think that people couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, somebody always proves me wrong.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online


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