University Poster: Adele’s ‘Hello’ Encourages Sexual Harassment

(Inset poster image via mrctv)
Welp. At least now I have a social-justice reason to hate this song.

According to posters placed around the University of Oklahoma campus by the Gender+Equality Center, Adele’s song “Hello” is one of many songs that “normalize sexual harassment.”

The poster features the phrase “even great songs can normalize sexual harassment” and the lyric of the song that the group has a problem with: “I must have called 1,000 times.”

Now, maybe I have just a little too much faith in humanity, but I kind of feel like anyone who is not completely stupid would realize that the line is meant to be a hyperbole and that no one is actually calling her ex 1,000 times.

And, as the Media Research Center points out, even if she was calling her ex literally 1,000 times, it would really just constitute regular harassment and not sexual harassment. (Unless, of course, she was also leaving pornographic voicemails, which I’ve gotta say would be a pretty doggone weird thing for a heartbroken person to do.)

But what do I know about any of this? After all, I’m really more of a “text 1,000 times” kind of gal myself.  


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