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$675K Is What Goldman Sachs ‘Offered’ Hillary Because They Love Her

Hillary and Wall Street sittin' in a tree . . .

When Hillary “OMG Please Think I’m Anti–Wall Street Like Bernie” Clinton was questioned about Goldman Sachs’s paying her $675,000 for three speeches, her defense was that she accepted it only because she had no idea she’d be running for president someday.

First of all: That’s obviously a lie. Second of all: Even if it weren’t, all she’d really be saying there is that she accepted it only because she didn’t know it would become a political inconvenience — and not because she has any kind of problem with Wall Street itself.

Third of all (to steal a line from another one of her finest moments): What difference does it make?

Think about it. People give money to people they like, and people like the people who pay them. Hillary may have thought she was making herself look better by brushing off that huge check as being simply “what they offered” her . . . but in fact, that makes it all so, so much worse.

What people are willing to give you in exchange for your time is a direct measure of how much they appreciate you. No doubt, $675,000 is a lot of money… so, if that’s what they offered her, then that can mean only one thing: They like her a lot. After all, would any firm pay someone $675,000 to come hang out and tell them that they’re garbage? Based on simple logic, I’m thinking probably not.

Oh, and if logic isn’t enough for you: According to Politico, attendees of one of these speeches reported that it consisted of Hillary going on and about how stupid it was for people to be bashing big banks.

#share#But maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps all of these attendees were just lying. After all, we clearly have no reason not to trust Hillary. She said on Twitter that she’s been fighting big banks! Are we all just doubting her because she’s a woman?

Perhaps we are. Thankfully, I found a solution: Why doesn’t Hillary just post transcripts of her Wall Street–firm speeches and prove all of the evil people involved in this vast right-wing conspiracy wrong?

Oddly enough, a reporter asked her if she would do just that. And you know what she did? She laughed.

#related#Now, maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t understand what’s so funny. To me, lies and hypocrisy are far from hilarious — especially when they’re coming from someone who might be the next leader of the free world.

Hillary, you received millions upon millions of dollars in speaking fees from major Wall Street firms. Both insider reports and the kind of basic logic even a third-grader could understand dictate that this was because your speeches were big-bank love fests. If that’s not true, release the transcripts. Otherwise, I’m going to assume the obvious: You are — yet again — completely and totally full of it.

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