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Montage: In the Tenth Round, Trump Gets Pummeled

‘If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where he’d be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan.’

CNN hyped Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate like a Vegas heavyweight bout — and that’s pretty close to what viewers witnessed.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio unleashed on the front-runner at almost every opportunity.

Rubio initiated the assault with an attack on Trump’s use of illegal immigrant labor, joking that if his southern border is built the way the Trump Towers were built, illegal immigrants will get all of the work. 

Cruz picked up on the same theme, knocking Trump for only recently showing any interest in immigration. When the Gang of Eight debate consumed Washington, “Donald Trump was firing Dennis Rodman from ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’”

“If you look at the eight members of the Gang of Eight, Donald gave over $50,000 to three Democrats and two Republicans,” Cruz said. “When you’re funding open border politicians, you shouldn’t be surprised when they fight for open borders.”

After Rubio jabbed Trump for using H-1 visas to staff his properties, Trump accused Rubio of “not knowing anything” about business.

“Well I don’t know anything about bankrupting four companies,” Rubio shot back. “I don’t know anything about starting a university, that’s a fake university!”

But the exchange that left Trump the most visibly flustered came when Rubio hit him for repeating himself while explaining his health-care policy. “No, I’m not — no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I don’t repeat myself,” Trump responded.

And Rubio hit him again: ”I see him repeat himself every night, he says five things: Everyone’s dumb; he’s going to make America great again; we’re going to win, win, win; he’s winning in the polls; and the lines around the state — every night, same thing!”

Enjoy highlights of the best blows in the montage above. 

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