The Left’s Meltdown Over Super Bowl Ads Shows Exactly How Radical It’s Become

NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies” spot (via YouTube)

Is there any aspect of family life, of humor, or of history that the Left doesn’t want to subvert, upend, or undo? Watching the Super Bowl yesterday, I was reminded once again that the Left lives in its own, upside-down world, where right is wrong, humor is only funny if it’s politically correct, and children aren’t a cause for celebration but instead represent an opportunity to lament the prevalence of “heterosexual breeders.”

Twitter is the world’s premier delivery system for progressive stupidity, and on Super Bowl Sunday, it did not disappoint. NARAL’s tweet condemning Doritos for “humanizing fetuses” is already the stuff of legend. But NARAL — and its leftist allies — were just getting warmed up.

Remember the William Dafoe Snickers ad, where he portrays a hungry Marilyn Monroe? Well, that’s transphobic:

Apparently, men dressed as women must always and forever be portrayed as delightful and beautiful.

Kevin Hart’s great offense was starring in a Hyundai ad where he “stalks” his daughter’s first date — acting like a buffoon as he protects her virtue. Here’s NARAL’s hot take:

The backlash to the Prius car chase ad was even more predictable and wearisome. In the commercial, four white guys drive America’s most wussified car as it shows both surprising speed and predictable gas mileage on a cross-country chase after a bank robbery. It’s not funny, because white privilege:

Apparently Mr. White has already forgotten about LaVoy Finicum, the white protester shot after a car chase in Oregon. Besides, it is patently absurd to contend that black drivers in car chases are always killed. In fact, such slayings are mercifully rare.

#share#But for sheer stupidity and cynicism, it’s hard to top NARAL ProChoice Ohio’s reaction to the multiple “Super Bowl babies” ads, celebrating the children born nine months after Super Bowl victory celebrations:

See all those smiling, happy children on the screen? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if they didn’t exist?

The Nation’s Dave Zirin snarked as only The Nation can:

If you were from another planet and judged earth solely on the basis of these Super Bowl advertisements, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are a place of heterosexual breeders who somehow find people to have unprotected sex with, despite our toe fungus, irritable bowel syndrome, or opioid constipation.

So if babies, children, dads, and harmless car chases are bad, then what’s good? Well, a gang of murdering, racist radicals of course.

The Left simply could not stop slobbering over Beyoncé’s use of Black Panther imagery during her halftime performance. The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber called it a “display of cultural power.” Vox raves that Beyoncé “came to play.” The Guardian’s Alex Needham declared that “Queen Bey” was “at the height of her powers.” But the Black Panthers, recall, aren’t guilty of “merely” murdering police officers; they tortured and murdered their own members. They embodied the Malcolm X philosophy of “by any means necessary” and carried it out with murderous efficiency.

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The disruption of civilizational norms is clear. Life is not worth celebrating. Babies aren’t babies but rather mere clumps of cells. Fathers should simply respect their young daughters’ “autonomy” even though every sentient person knows that teenagers are hardly the autonomous, rational creatures of Leftist legend. Everything that’s “fun” must also be proper, and the only thing truly worth celebrating is the revolution.

Do they really want to live in a world where violent struggle is more worth celebrating than new life?

But do people really want to live like this? Do they really want to live in a world where violent struggle is more worth celebrating than new life? The Left’s own insularity is its best protection. When the Left tweets its outrage and celebrates its radicals, it mainly speaks to itself. The rest of America meanwhile laughs at a Doritos commercial, shakes its head at the very idea that a Prius could be cool, and enjoys a historic football game.

While ignorance can be bliss, it is also dangerous. Without significant pushback, the Left is free to keep nudging and hectoring the culture into dreary conformity. Ad executives, after all, tend not to belong to the Tea Party, and ESPN has already sold out to cultural commissars. So it’s incumbent on conservatives to point out the craziness, share it with our less-political friends, and ask that simple question — is this the world you want?  

David French is a senior writer for National Review, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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