Social-Justice Internet: Telling Us to Be ‘Rational’ Is ‘Oppressive’

This "feminist" blog may be one of the most sexist things I've ever read.

People need to stop telling social-justice activists to be “rational,” because apparently, encouraging people to actually make sense when they talk is “oppressive.”

In her article on Everyday Feminism – a social-justice blog that routinely publishes of some of the most ridiculous drivel on the Internet — a self-identified “queer, Vietnamese femme who is neither a man or [sic] a woman” named Alex Quan-Pham declares that not only does being rational have “no inherent value,” but it’s also destructive to believe that it does:  

“Based on my experiences as a marginalized person, being rational just means going easy on my oppressors,” Quan-Pham writes in a section with the subhed “Rationalism Is a Tool Made to Hurt Us.”

That’s right — “Made to Hurt Us.” The whole reason people encourage rationalism is not, as you might have thought, because it’s kind of good to be like “sane” and “lucid” and stuff. Nope, rationalism was actually invented to hurt poor little victims like Quan-Pham!

“By American standards, my very existence is irrational,” Quan-Pham writes. “For many, I simply do not exist as a queer, Vietnamese femme who is neither a man or a woman.”

“Living in my body, wading through my truths, is not a rational act,” she continues.

#share#Now, to be fair, I definitely agree with Quan-Pham’s assessment of herself as an irrational person. But I’d also have to say that what she’s promoting here is not only one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard, but also one of the most anti-feminist.

#related#After all, one of the most common arguments against women’s having the right to vote was the that we were all supposedly a bunch of hyper-emotional creatures incapable of rational thought. Suffragettes had to fight a long, hard battle against this stereotype to give us the rights that we have today. But now, on a blog that dares to call itself “feminist,” we have a piece arguing that rational thought is a bad thing?

I’d argue that making such a case is not feminism — it’s setting women back. Then again, my argument is also what you might call a “rational” one . . . and I’d hate to think I’d oppressed anyone by daring to have put it out there.

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