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Apparently, It’s Sexist to Think It’s Weird Hillary Keeps Hot Sauce in Her Purse

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Those damn, sexist Bernie Bros! Just when you think they’ve reached peak misogyny, they outdo themselves with something even more sexist.

Their latest offense: Daring to say that maybe it’s kind of weird that Hillary Clinton keeps hot sauce in her purse. 

The horror! Thankfully, feminist journalist Alexis Evans wasn’t going to let this one get past her, discussing it in detail in a piece for Law Street titled,  “#WhatsinHillarysPurse: Hillary’s Hot Sauce Inspires Sexist Hashtag:” 

Last week Clinton declared that she always has a bottle of the peppery condiment on standby after being asked the question “what’s something you always carry with you?” during a radio interview with “The Breakfast Club.” Because “hot sauce” likely wasn’t the presidential-yet-still-feminine answer that listeners had anticipated, Clinton was accused of pandering to minority voters with a popular Beyoncé reference.

Of all the Clinton hot sauce skeptics out there, The Berniebros [sic] were definitely the most savage. This douchey subset of Bernie Sanders supporters, known for bullying others into “feeling the Bern,” capitalized on the political misstep by speculating what else may be hiding in the former Secretary of State’s bag.

First of all, it goes without saying that the people who are equating her sauce choice with pandering to minority voters are morons. She does do plenty of that, obviously, but if you’re trying to make that accusation apply here you need to get a grip. 

Speaking of “get a grip,” anyone with a brain could see that these “Bernie Bros” aren’t commenting on the hot sauce thing because they’re sexist, but because it is kind of weird to keep a condiment in your purse at all times. To be fair, I have, on occasion, brought parmesan cheese with me in my purse to parties because I’m worried the host’s entire supply won’t be enough. And if you want to tell me that’s weird, then you know what? Fair. It kind of is; I know that, and I’m okay with it as long as I get my cheese. How in the hell is this a gender issue?

Now for the jokes that insinuated that she may also keep incriminating information in her purse. Here are a few of the “sexist” examples of this that Evans offers: 



Earth to Evans: Hillary Clinton is currently under investigation for having hidden incriminating evidence on a personal server and for having wiped that server clean. These tweets aren’t sexist, they’re topical. Is it really that hard for you to tell the difference? 

Look, I get it. “Purse” is a word more often associated with women than men; Evans saw that people were associating that word with Hillary, and her apparently hypersensitive “sexist!” radar went off, causing her to automatically spew accusations of sexism like a malfunctioning machine.

#related#Oh, and by the way: Right now, in my purse, there’s a laptop, a notebook, a planner, some makeup, my wallet, my tattered copy of Hunter S. Thompson’s Generation of Swine, my Metro card (which I know how to use by the way, not to brag), a pen, an apple, a single earring that I keep hoping I’ll find the match to, and a bottle of pomegranate-cherry zero-calorie seltzer water. If anyone were to criticize me for any of these contents I’d be more inclined to think of you as someone who needs bigger problems to worry about — or maybe as someone who just doesn’t like pomegranate-cherry seltzer — than as a sexist. In fact, calling you a sexist wouldn’t even cross my mind! But then again, maybe I’m just too busy living my life and working towards my goals to spend time thinking about how I could potentially be upset or offended by seemingly innocuous things. 

But what can I say? I guess I’m just not as good of a feminist as women like Ms. Evans. 


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