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How to Beat the Lawless Left

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A way for conservatives to level the playing field.

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case brought by 26 states against President Obama’s executive orders more or less legalizing large groups of illegal aliens.

The seriousness of the case has nothing to do with the virtues of deporting versus accommodating people who are here illegally. Mostly, it’s a question of whether we are to accept a president’s power to personally rewrite laws. But it’s also an important test case concerning the new wave of old-fashioned government activists, who believe that doing the right thing, as they see it, is more important than following the law.

You see this in the president’s executive rewriting of laws enacted by Congress. You see it in the IRS’s targeting conservative groups, and the State Department’s obstructing the investigation of Hillary’s server. You see it in Hillary’s having the server in the first place. You see it in the harassment of Scott Walker supporters in Wisconsin, where a Milwaukee district attorney used flimsy pretexts to authorize pre-dawn raids of his political enemies: Armed police broke down doors with battering rams, ransacked homes, confiscated phones and computers and warned residents not to tell anyone, for the greater good of beating Scott Walker in a recall election. Two weeks ago, a similar raid was evidently authorized by California attorney general (and Democratic Senate candidate) Kamala Harris, in retaliation for a private citizen’s having filmed employees of Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of fetal organs. Though that may have been both for the greater good and because Planned Parenthood has donated a huge amount of money to Miss Harris’s political campaigns.

Of course, there are corrupt Republicans too — but at least breaking the law isn’t part of the Republican party platform. Whereas both Democratic presidential candidates openly support sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities are cities that ignore, violate, and obstruct federal and state law.

Sanctuary cities are cities that ignore, violate, and obstruct federal and state law. Specifically, immigration law. But it really doesn’t matter what sort of laws they’re ignoring — what matters it that they are subverting democracy to advance their own agendas. And with the full support of one of the country’s major parties.

So maybe it’s time for a conservative rebuttal. What if conservative states and cities, or towns and counties, started declaring themselves sanctuary cities for heterosexual-only marriage, or for fetuses. For the record: This is not something conservatives should do. But I bet it would get the Justice Department to start taking sanctuary cities seriously. Someone in Congress might want to point that out.

And what if a conservative county in a liberal state declared itself a sanctuary for people who like to drive over 80 mph, or smoke in public, or not wear helmets, or own high-capacity magazines or silencers, or set off fireworks. For the record, I think that would be a fantastic idea. Because if liberals are going to break the law to promote liberalism, conservatives can level the playing field and start promoting freedom.

Write your mayor.

Josh Gelernter — Josh Gelernter is a former columnist for NRO, and a frequent contributor to The Weekly Standard.

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