HuffPo: The Term ‘LGBT’ Is ‘Not Really Politically Correct’

(Kimberly White/Reuters)
It's just not inclusive enough.

According to a piece in the Huffington Post, referring “to the QUEER community” as “LGBT” is “not really politically correct anymore” because it’s just not inclusive enough.

“You see . . . when you say LGBT now you completely leave out those that are Gender Non-Conforming,” writes Adrian Wu, a Canadian fashion designer and transgender person who prefers the pronouns “they/them,” in a piece titled “You Can’t Really Say LGBT Anymore.”

“I know it’s not easy to hear if you’re born before 1995,” Wu continues. “Yes I said it, so prepare to feel old.” (Ageist!)

Wu explains that “logically it makes complete sense,” and that “just because someone presents themselves as masculine doesn’t make them a male,” and that “[j]ust because someone’s Gender Expression appears to be masculine you shouldn’t assume their Gender Identity.”

So, I guess next time I meet someone who I think is a dude, I’ll have to ask him — oops, I mean “that person” — outright just to make sure, because apparently that is the less offensive move to make socially.

“Gender Non-Conforming people have been left out of the discussion for a very long time simply because people didn’t know they could be Non-Binary until now,” Wu writes. “But the reality is that Gender is a Spectrum and Male and Female are not the only Gender Identities.”

According to Wu, their argument is clearly correct because for one thing, “Facebook added 50 Gender Identity Options a few years ago.” (So, is Wu suggesting that we change the acronym to “LGBTAAABCCCFCMCMCWCFCMCMCWFTMFTMGFGNGQGVGQIM


WTMTSTFTMTMTPTWTS” to incorporate all of these identities? Because I kind of feel like that doesn’t really have the same ring to it.)

In case you feel like all of this is a bit much, Wu insists that “it’s reality whether you believe it or not” — which is obviously an ironclad argument. 


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