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Respect Yourselves, Bernie Supporters — Stay Mad

Sanders supporters protest outside the convention in Philadelphia, July 25, 2016. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)
Stay mad, Bernie Bros.

Yesterday, it became clear that Democrats have decided to deal with the anger of Bernie Sanders supporters by slamming and chastising them for being angry. I, on the other hand, have never felt more compelled to stand up for them.

Everyone who supported Bernie has a right to be mad. In fact, every American, regardless of whom he or she supported, has a right to be mad — not only about what happened to Bernie during the primaries, but also the way his supporters have been treated now that the truth has come out. I’m no Sanders supporter, but I have to say that what Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC did to this man was, objectively, disgusting.

It’s a situation almost beyond comprehension. DWS was busted playing such a large role in rigging an election that she had to resign over it. Then, when speaking in Florida right after that resignation, she actually had the guts to patronizingly tell the people booing her to “settle down.” The “Bernie or Bust” people have spent months being told they were ridiculous, tin-foil-hat wearing, pot-smoking conspiracy theorists for believing the election was rigged. Then, after they’re proven right, they have to sit at the DNC and listen to Sarah Silverman tell them they’re being “ridiculous” for being upset about having been called “ridiculous” for being right? 

And somehow they’re the ones with the the problem?

It’s unfair; it’s hypocritical. In fact, those two words could pretty well describe the Democratic party’s entire strategy at its convention last night. Clearly, the main idea was to make Donald Trump look like, as Jarron Collins put it, a “bully.” Now, of course, that is true — Trump is a bully, and I’d never be caught arguing otherwise. But here’s the thing: Hillary is a bully, too. In fact, she’s the most obnoxious kind of bully: the kind who tries to paint herself as a victim while victimizing others. Years ago, she gained sympathy as a wronged spouse while actively bullying the women who dared accuse her husband of sexual assault. Recently, she gained sympathy as a female candidate combating sexism while using her power in the DNC to bully her way to the Democratic nomination.

#related#Bernie Sanders supporters devoted themselves passionately to a cause, had their hearts broken, and just found out that the DNC is, without a doubt, at least partially responsible for breaking them. Think about it: If your boyfriend broke up with you, and you found out that it was at least partially due to your best friend’s urging, would you just forget about it because she had been your second-favorite person to hang out? Would you just continue to shop and get brunch and gab with her as if nothing had happened . . . or would you be angry? So angry that you might even (gasp!) shout?

There’s no doubt that any self-respecting person would be angry – and anyone who values self-respect should be able to understand why these Sanders supporters are reacting the same way.


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