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We Couldn’t Expose Hillary’s Lies without Your Help

You make it happen.

I have an advantage. Whenever I want an incisive, well-informed take on the Clinton e-mail scandal, I pick up the phone and call Andy McCarthy, Shannen Coffin, or David French. They know this stuff cold, have been on top of it from the beginning, and are immune to media spin and Clinton B.S.

Of course, not everyone has the privilege to work with these guys every day the way I do, but that’s what journalism is for. Through their pieces on NRO, all of you get the real-time benefit of their expertise as well. For my money, they have consistently provided the best coverage and analysis of the e-mail scandal since news broke of Clinton’s home-brew server.

Andy has been relentless, bringing his prosecutorial sensibility and experience to the controversy, calling them as he sees them, up to and including holding his friend James Comey to account when he pulled up short. Andy’s rapid-response piece pointing out how Comey had effectively re-written the law to give Hillary a pass in his press conference was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. It was, like so many other things he has written during this episode, literally a must-read.

Here in our pages, you have been able to read the truth.

From the start, Shannen focused on how Clinton had defied State Department practices and federal-records laws, in air-tight pieces that pierced the Clinton fog machine. I found myself referring back to them again and again.

David, as a former military lawyer, has constantly reminded us of how military personnel never would have been able to get away with what Clinton did. The little guy is held to a different standard.

It is depressing times for the rule of law when the director of the FBI refuses to follow the facts and logic of his own case against a powerful politician who assumed she could write her own rules, and did. At least here in our pages, you have been able to read the truth, from a trio of brilliant and fearless writers.

If you have learned from them, if you appreciate their clarity and intelligence, if you realize that if those of us on the right don’t stand up for the rule of law, no one will — well, then, I humbly ask that you chip in to support their work

We aren’t a big media corporation and have always depended on the assistance of those who value our work and understand its importance. We are grateful for any help, and thank you, as always, for your consideration and for reading.

Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review. He can be reached via email: comments.lowry@nationalreview.com. 

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