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Surely Hillary Hates Shannen Coffin

Shannen Coffin
Prosecuting Hillary’s e-mail shenanigans.

The unrivaled coverage and analysis of the Hillary e-mail scandal at National Review has a heck of a lot to do with Shannen W. Coffin.

Admittedly not without his serious problems (Shannen is a Red Sox fan), the respected Washington attorney, constitutional scholar, frequent NRO contributor, and good friend has penned numerous analyses on the scandal, launched with this hugely popular piece from March, 2015, “Did Hillary Commit a Felony?

In the ensuing months, Shannen’s authoritative NRO reports have kept our readers on top of the scandal’s latest twists, and repeatedly exposed the lies and double standards that are part and parcel of the Clinton Spin Operation (one of my particular favorites: his February, 2016, piece “Clinton’s Simple, Two-Step George Costanza Defense”). His consistently exemplary writings here led to numerous appearance on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show, which took Shannen’s NRO message to even broader audiences.

(I’d be negligent if I didn’t also mention Shannen’s most recent must-read piece, which doubles down on Andy McCarthy’s charge that FBI director James Comey let Hillary off the hook.)

This kind of exceptional conservative commentary is the stuff of which NRO is made.

This kind of exceptional conservative commentary is the stuff of which NRO is made. It can be found nowhere else with such collective sharpness, wisdom, impact, and elegance — and all the while, defending and defining conservative principle and practice.

For NRO’s relentless and expert coverage of the Hillary scandal, and for all the so-much-more that we do, day in and out (Such as: Does anyone cover America’s multicultural lunacy better than Kat Timpf? No!), I want to ask for your financial support.

On the verge of doing that? Let me back you into it with this . . . 

I wonder: What is on the flip side of that Roman Genn watercolor?

We don’t relish asking you for money, but the facts are what they are: Opinion journalism is a money-losing business venture. But then it really isn’t a business venture as much as it is a cause. In our case, one of which you are part. One which needs your direct help in maintaining and sustaining.

A world with National Review is a much better place.

Bill Buckley didn’t relish this either. But for nearly 50 years he did it, because he knew what you knew: that a world with National Review is a much better place, and a world without it a much worse one. Your contribution is the difference between those outcomes. So he asked. And so I do now, on behalf of my late friend and this immense legacy he left in our hands.

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Whatever you give will go toward sustaining the enterprise Bill Buckley knew was vital — central! — to the beliefs we share mutually. Beliefs we know are in great need of defense by the kind of writing that you find, 24/7, here on NRO, and every fortnight in its brash and brassy sister magazine.

Your generosity makes possible the publishing and promulgation and distribution of unrivaled conservative wisdom, commentary, analysis, and reporting that you find in the likes of Coffin, Hanson, McCarthy, Lowry, Goldberg, and dozens more. The kind that you can find only at NRO.

Please donate here. Your support is vital and needed. And immensely appreciated by all of us.

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