Brie Larson Had to Apologize to Animal-Rights Activists for Petting a Dolphin Twelve Years Ago

Brie Larson happy, Brie Larson sad (images via Instagram)
And they’re still mad.

Actress Brie Larson has been forced to apologize to angry Internet mob that was accusing her of supporting animal cruelty — because she posted a picture of herself petting a dolphin in 2004.

“I posted a photo previously that encapsulated a silly moment in my weird life,” Larson wrote in a caption of another photo, a close-up of her remorseful-looking face, posted right after the apparently offensive one. 

The apology-post continues: 

We should be concerned about the well being [sic] of all animals. Yes, Dolphins. Along with every other creature. There are problems with animals in captivity. There are problems with animals living in the wild. It has always been a priority of mine to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I apologize if the photo appeared to endorse animal cruelty. I don’t believe any living thing deserves miss treatment [sic]. In the comments section feel free to discuss your thoughts, concerns, articles ANYTHING that can turn this into a moment of education for myself all who are interested. We gotta remember that we will make mistakes but we can learn from them, together. Much love.

Yes — a 113-word apology for a picture of her petting a dolphin. Oh, and she also added to the caption of that picture: “EDIT: I do not support animal cruelty.” 

Now, in case you feel like all of this sounds like overkill, take a look at some of the comments. 

dayray: These animals or so intelligent and loving, they do NOT deserve to be used for human entertainment and confined to horribly small tanks (in comparison to their natural home, the OCEAN.) By participating in these types of activities, and posting it on social media, you are not only supporting animal cruelty, but promoting it as well. Most people are unaware of this, but we should always be looking to raise our awareness and conscience. Being a celebrity, you have a huge platform to do the world good, and this is NOT good. I have seen captive dolphins once while in Cuba, and I cried at the sight of these beautiful animals swimming in circles and circles and circles. That is not the life they want or deserve. I hope in the future you can use your platform to make up for this very sad photo, and bring awareness to the cruelty of captive animals. Thanks.

cass.leigh: sad to see you support animals in captivity @brielarson

geffystephy: Poor dolphin slaves!

snicketysnack@brielarson: Dont su pport dolphins in captivity please, it’s just like#Roomthemovie but for dolphins. You better than that guuuuurl

yaelle.w: They are in captivity and tortured don’t go un these kind Of horrible and disgusting places@brielarson

jnz1016: Those animals are being enslaved for your entertainment. Just saying @brielarson

Again . . . this controversial dolphin-petting incident occurred twelve years ago, and the original caption of the photo stated that. What’s more, I’m pretty sure that Larson herself did not actually capture and/or enslave the dolphin, she merely touched its belly. 

Still, for many, even that lengthy apology of hers was not enough. In fact, some of them are even claiming that they will not be satisfied until she promises to stop eating meat products entirely: 

umajag: “I don’t believe any living thing deserves mistreatment” – seems inconsistent that you eat animals that are cruelly slaughtered aka meat

elinrobertss: How can you not believe any animal deserves mistreatment then eat animal products, it makes no sense? And to the people saying she’s done nothing wrong – wild animals should not be captured and confined, they should be allowed to roam free and live the life they want and deserve. So many of them die early and suffer severe physical and mental health disorders because tiny cages are not their natural environment. If you’re naive enough to think all the animals in captivity in the world are there for their own good then you are sadly mistaken. We live in a capitalist world, if something can make money then it will be exploited. And that’s exactly what these dolphins are, animas in zoos are, animals in aquariums are: they’re exploited money making machines. How can people think that’s ok? It’s literally a highly intelligent living being that also loves/suffers/feel fear, and we’re ignoring that all for a good Instagram post 

awill2transform: What about Animal abuse through agriculture? Are you vegan?

Yikes. Looking at this, it almost seems as if the best way to go about pleasing an Internet mob would be to realize that it’s impossible and just not try. 

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