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Will the Riots in Charlotte Help Elect Donald Trump?

Police deploy tear gas against protesters in Charlotte, N.C., September 21, 2016. (
With every wave of anti-police violence and rioting, the chance of a backlash from fed-up voters grows.

Watching the depressing news of rioting in my beautiful home state of North Carolina, I’m beginning to think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are secretly conspiring to get Donald Trump elected president.

For it would be hard to imagine a narrative playing better into the “law and order” theme Trump launched at the GOP convention than yet another racially motivated riot against the police, fed by persistently false rumors and outright lies from the “community” and irresponsible rhetoric from the federal government and the media. And it would be hard to imagine a better advertisement for how great America isn’t right now than the wave of anti-police violence that we are currently enduring.

The aftermath of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a man with convictions in multiple states including assault with a deadly weapon, and further arrests on numerous charges including assault with intent to kill, has proven sadly predictable. The riots in Charlotte unfolded in the wake of a video live-streamed on Facebook by Scott’s daughter, who was not at the scene, who among other choice bits of eloquence, informed viewers that  “they shot my motherf***in daddy four times for being black.”

The officer doing the shooting in the case in question, Brentley Vinson, was himself African American, suggesting perhaps that the typical left-wing strategy of equating any police action against an African American as signaling the impending rebirth of the KKK will not be entirely successful in this case. (Of course, alleged witnesses were spreading rumors, reported credulously by the media, that the shooter was white, just as they spread equally false rumors that Mr. Scott was reading a book and was unarmed when shot, and that he had his hands in the air. Eyewitness accounts and video of Scott’s gun emerged subsequently.)

Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have inflamed racial tensions for political gain repeatedly over the past eight years.

Officer Vinson, the son of a Charlotte police officer, was a recent graduate of Liberty University in Virginia, an Evangelical Christian school, where he was a captain of the football team. ”Brent has always been a great guy founded on good morals. I find it very hard to believe that he would gun down an innocent man,” one of his Liberty teammates told CNN. Michael Scurlock, a former NFL player who had befriended Officer Vinson in Bible study, described Vinson as distraught after the shooting, telling CNN, “It’s nothing easy, and I know that he expressed that through the emotions of his voice, over the phone.” Vinson’s high-school football coach told the Charlotte Observer, “We need more Brent Vinsons, that type of person, in our communities. . . . He’s a natural leader and one of those guys who always had the best interest of others before himself.” Sounds very suspicious — he’s probably one of those alt-right types.

Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney, also African American, was unsurprisingly tired of having to fight back against misinformation in the media and within the “community.” “It’s time to change the narrative,” he said, “because I can tell you from the facts that the story’s a little bit different as to how it’s been portrayed so far, especially through social media.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte descended into anarchy, as rioters looted numerous stores, stopped cars on the interstate and assaulted drivers, looted tractor-trailers, and set fires, forcing a major freeway to close and North Carolina governor Pat McCrory to call out the National Guard.

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Unlike the lawless rioters, I won’t rush to judgment on what exactly transpired in the encounter between Officer Vinson and Mr. Scott. While the most explosive claims, which caused the riots, have almost certainly been proven false, we need to let the process play out to find out whether the shooting was justified, as it appears to have been, or whether Officer Vinson was in error. But even if the shooting were unjustified, it would not excuse even one minute of the lawless rioting we are seeing.

Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have inflamed racial tensions for political gain repeatedly over the past eight years. Speaking about the riots in Charlotte, Lynch said,“They have once again highlighted — in the most vivid and painful terms — the real divisions that still persist in this nation between law enforcement and communities of color.”

And why do they persist, Attorney General Lynch? In part because you have continued to inflame them, rather than tell African Americans the hard truths they need to hear.

Racial incitement by Trump? Even Trump’s most outrageous statements haven’t been the equivalent of having rioters shouting “hands up, don’t shoot” as rioters and looters in Charlotte did, repeating the false narrative of Ferguson’s Michael Brown that was relentlessly pushed by left-wing media and government officials.  

At a campaign rally yesterday, Hillary Clinton said, “There is still much we don’t know about what happened . . . but we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of African Americans killed by police officers in these encounters,” cleverly imputing, without directly saying so, that all of these deaths were unjustified.

“It’s unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable,” Clinton continued, before tossing off a few meaningless pro-police sentiments to give her some plausible deniability.


That’s an interesting choice of words.

Well, when I watch these videos of lawless rioting in my home state, with people shot, more than 20 police officers assaulted and hospitalized, windows smashed, and stores looted, that is intolerable.

It’s intolerable, Hillary Clinton, that business owners of all races who have invested in Charlotte had their property destroyed by thugs and rioters.

It’s intolerable, Hillary Clinton, that honest journalists who report the truth about these incidents struggle to find work, while left-wing racial arsonists command the front pages of our most prestigious newspapers and the top spots at our TV networks.

#related#But most of all, it’s intolerable, Hillary Clinton, that brave law-enforcement officers, particularly African-American law-enforcement officers, such as Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney, Dallas police chief David Brown, and Milwaukee county sheriff David Clarke have seen themselves and their men repeatedly slandered as racists by you and your Democratic cronies, all so that you can whip up enough racial anger among African Americans to bolster your cynical quest for political power.

In many ways, Donald Trump, for all of his many flaws, represents a backlash of a silent majority of voters, looking at the endless race-baiting of the Obama years, seeing its continuation in Hillary’s candidacy, and saying, “Enough!” If that group, which grows with each outrageous riot, proves large enough to propel Trump to the White House, he will ironically have Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to thank for it.