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The Most Ridiculous Reactions to Hillary Clinton’s Fainting

Comedian Patton Oswalt (Reuters photo: Stephen Chernin/file)
What were considered wild conspiracy theories became mainstream news.

Having routinely denounced anyone who so much as mentioned Hillary Clinton’s health as denizens of the Internet’s right-wing fever swamps, Democrats and their media allies were forced to switch gears yesterday after footage emerged of the Democratic nominee’s “health episode” at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial.

Hillary’s minions insisted that the media was merely sensationalizing a typical occurrence and suggested that the Clinton campaign could be trusted. And anyway, they cried, the media have no authority to talk about health matters:

Others took it a step further, going so far as to paint Clinton’s health scare as a sign of heroism and strength.

Peter Daou, a former adviser to Mrs. Clinton and John Kerry, could not contain his excitement about Hillary’s sickness and how it reflected on her prowess and toughness:

September 11 was a wild day in campaign 2016. After Hillary Clinton overheated and became weak at a 9/11 ceremony, an ugly feeding frenzy ensued that capped weeks of increasingly shrill conspiracy-mongering about her health.

However, by the end of the day, the tables had turned on her detractors after it was revealed she was maintaining a grueling work schedule while battling pneumonia (emphasis added).

Of course, many saw through the media clutter to the real issue: sexism.


Others have had to do an embarrassing about-face after insisting that Clinton’s health was no issue.

Meanwhile, at least one voice on the right wonders about the media’s reactions if Hillary had been Republican.


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