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Correcting the Record on the Holy Cross National Anthem ‘Protest’

David Schaefer’s October 12 article, “Holy Cross College Dishonors Its Heritage,” about a recent demonstration by a group of Holy Cross students left readers with inaccurate impressions. A group of approximately 130 Holy Cross students gathered for a peaceful sit-in during our Homecoming football game on September 24 in response to an invitation from fellow students to join in solidarity and bring attention to issues of racial injustice and inequality in the United States.

The group did not gather in “‘protest’ against the national anthem.” The students sat together in the end zone for the first half of the football game and actively participated in the game, cheering on their friends and classmates on the field. During the national anthem, some of the students stood while others chose to sit. Reverend Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., President of the College, and the administrators pictured were not with the students during the national anthem, but were in attendance in the stadium and stood while the anthem was played. They joined the students later in the first half of the game to demonstrate solidarity and express their own concerns about issues of inequality and injustice.

At Holy Cross, all members of the College community — faculty, staff, and students — are encouraged to speak openly about issues related to social justice, diversity, and inclusion. We promote a culture of respect and civility while maintaining an environment for learning which supports honest exchanges of ideas and perspectives.


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