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Betsy DeVos Hearing Ends with Handshakes — Except from Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders was not the only progressive senator to treat Betsy DeVos rudely at her Senate confirmation hearing yesterday — Elizabeth Warren would not even shake DeVos’s hand.

As the video shows, at the end of the hearing, DeVos approached the senators who had been interrogating her to shake their hands. Even Al Franken, who had cut DeVos off while she tried to answer his questions, had the dignity to greet her and have a short conversation.

Warren, on the other hand, kept her distance and gave DeVos a curt wave before hurrying off. Perhaps there’s some innocuous explanation for what certainly looks like Warren’s rude and ungracious behavior. Or maybe she wanted to keep her distance to send a signal to her base. The American Federation of Teachers has demonized DeVos, declaring her “an ultra-wealthy heiress who uses her money to game the system and push a special-interest agenda.” Perhaps Warren agrees and thinks she doesn’t owe DeVos basic courtesy.


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