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If a Face Could Launch a Thousand Donations . . .

Please donate to the NRO Spring Webathon.

Week One of the NRO Spring Webathon is in the bag, and we are thrilled to report that some 600 people have contributed a total of $80,000. That’s an excellent fact. But then there’s this worrisome fact: We are seeking to raise that same amount again. And again. Our goal is $246,000, which is a fraction (one measly thousandth!) of the amount Bankroller to the Left George Soros contributed to just some misfit groups from 2010 to 2014.

We’re asking a lot, but then, from the perspective of how (and how much!) the enemies of liberty are funded, are we really?

Your help is vital to NRO’s continued operations. The funds we receive during this effort will be used for three main purposes:

One: Underwriting the basement-to-roof rebuild of NRO (the price tag for that is over $500,000);

Two: Offsetting NR’s legal costs (far from everything is covered by our insurance) in the ongoing Mann v. National Review battle (ours!) to defend free speech;

Three: Hiring a sorely needed editor to keep up with the torrent of copy NRO publishes daily.

You can make that contribution securely, here. Others have, and some have left their thoughts and sentiments along with their generosity. We’d like to share some with you, in the hopes of . . . encouraging you to do the same.

‐ Big Jim sent along $250 and a little love for two particular writers: “Just a thousandth of a thousandth, but happy to help the cause. Thanks for all the great content from Jonah G, Kevin W, and all the rest!”

‐ Another James sends $50, which we deeply appreciate, and appends this novella: “For Jonah, for his intellectual heft embedded in a new journalism style and a profoundly humanistic view that real life is found outside politics. To KDW, for his brutal dyspeptic realism – subsuming a deep underlying humanitarianism. To David French and Charles C.W. Cooke and (perhaps the undeservedly withdrawing, but perhaps by his own choice) VDH and Jay Nordlinger and so many others. NR has carried me through the worst political experience of my life and informed my thoughts through many brutal internal debates. I voted for him and part of me feels like a lapsed sinner. I would assume KDW would offer absolution (number of Ave Marias may be in the millions, but I sense a certain Calvinist elect-preterite vibe), but I guess my chances are better with Jonah. In any event, thanks NR.” I had to look up “preterite.” And thanks James.

‐ Julia, what a divine lady, sends $100 and . . . get a load of this: “I have a daughter finishing up her freshman year at a very liberal university. A steady diet of NRO has kept her conservative principles intact and her class discussions spicy! What more could a mother ask for?” Julia, you rock! And we love you!

‐ Mark duplicates that contribution, and says “I read your site every day. It’s full of knowledgeable intelligent coherent writing. I might not always agree with what I read, but I know it is well thought out. You are truly what they mean when they say ‘an independent strong and free press.’ Thank you.” Back at you Mark.

‐ Charles opens up his wallet, kindly grabs two C notes, and stuffs them in the NR piggybank. And then he testifies: “I like NR because your writers actually tell me what they truly think. Even if I disagree, even as they disagree amongst themselves, it is what they actually believe. Even if it means you get pushback from many of your readers. That has become, unfortunately, a pretty rare thing in conservative venues in the last year or two. See you in London!!” Are you talking about the NR Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary 2? Well, Chuck, let’s get some pints in Southampton instead.

‐ From the other side of the St. Lawrence Seaway comes $25 (U.S.!) this from Stephen, the head-sweller: “I LOVE the work you do. Your articles are thought provoking. ‘The Editors’ podcast is great too. Could you set up a Canadian branch of NRO? We desperately need a clearinghouse for thoughtful conservative discussion of issues pertaining to our people’s republic.” We’re sending a relief party up your way as soon as we can find a store that sells snowshoes. And thanks!

‐ Perry spots NR $25 and then says “Jonah Goldberg is a national treasure!” Feel free to send us your buried treasure jokes, friends. As for Perry, we are grateful for the gift.

There are plenty more where those came from. You have no idea how deeply appreciative we are of the kindness and the selflessness, which is both truly helpful and quite inspiring.

If positive reinforcement does not inspire you, how about you take a look at this face, and then tell us you won’t contribute.

How can you take part in the Spring Webathon? You can make your contribution on NR, right here. If you prefer making contributions by check and mail, then make the check payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 215 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016. And if you prefer to make donations via PayPal, you can do that here.

— Jack Fowler is the vice president of National Review.


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