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Help Us Raise a Thousandth of What George Soros Gave to Social-Justice Warriors

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Please donate to the NRO Spring Webathon.

My pal Deroy Murdock called and we chit-chatted about this and that, and he told me a piece of news I had missed and find . . . staggering. Remember that nasty Women’s March on Washington and the associated “Day Without a Woman” stunt? Well, that creepy old leftist George Soros, bankroller of the multicultural assault on conservative principles (which happen to be the very principles on which our Republic is based), funded, directly and through his Open Society Foundations, participating organizations to the tune of $246 million between 2010 and 2014.

Only Beelzebub knows how much more cash Soros has rained on these SJW outfits since then (and then, how much more has come from fellow billionaire lefties like Tom Steyer).

These are just some of the enemies of freedom and challenges of operation that National Review takes on every day. It’s frustrating — damn, they have us outspent, by factors I am afraid to even compute.

But speaking of computing . . . 

I have an idea, and this being the season for our Spring Webathon (welcome to its official launch!), I am thinking that this might be achievable: that NRO’s loyal and activist readers will help us raise just a thousandth of Soros’s despicable largesse.

Hey, I don’t even need a calculator to figure that: We’re talking a mere $246,000 (although we don’t really consider any amount to be “mere”).

And since I have to establish a Webathon goal, well, that’ll be it — NR is seeking to raise that amount ($246,000.00, and more if possible) between today and June 19, just the teeny-tiny 10 percent of 1 percent of the couch change that George Soros uses to bring about the destabilization of our ideals and the knee-capping of Western civilization.

Let me ask you directly: Will you help? (If you need no more convincing, then donate here right nowgrazia!)

Or you can ask me a most appropriate question: What will that $246,000.00 be used for?

Well, we’re going to take your pending generosity and pour it into three buckets.

The first: To offset the high legal costs of the noxious Mann v. National Review lawsuit, which has emerged as the greatest current legal threat to free speech (a fight worth fighting to what will be a bitter end for our foes).

The second: To fund another chunk of the complete basement-to-roof rebuild of NRO (the price tag is certain to top half a million bucks). The critical process has already commenced — a talented firm has been hired to strip everything down to the studs (I felt uncomfortable typing that) and then to reconfigure, remaster, and rebuild America’s most vital conservative website.

We’re going to take your pending generosity and pour it into three buckets.

The third: With so much content being published daily on NRO, we are in crying need of another copy editor, so any financial kindness you show through the Spring Webathon will help offset those costs.

$246,000. That’s not even cents on the dollar compared to the massive spends we see on the Left. But even with such relatively minimal support, enabling NR to address these three things (and more if we receive more) will do so very much to empower us in the battle against the very people who hate — yeah, hate — everything we stand for. Everything you believe in.

Everything that other George (Washington!) fought to establish.

How about you become a 1 Percenter . . . of 10 percent? Mama mia is that ever exclusive company. Do it, if only because it will prove a sweet, concrete way to say expletive to Georgie Porgie and other likeminded high-rolling multicultural misfits.

Can you spare $5.00, or $10.00? Great, but, If you can, howsabout you stretch it, to, say $24.60? If that’s more, maybe, than you want to give, consider that it is a symbolic amount to contribute! Along the same lines, I bet there are plenty out there who can stretch, who can figure a way to . . . $246.00. And what I wouldn’t give for 100 people of real means to step up, even if just this one time, and help NRO with a $2,460.00 Soros-eye-poke. Or 2,460 people to give $246.00 each — hokey smokes what we could do with that kind of support!

Hey, I am not an ungrateful stunad: Any amount you can give is terrific, and deeply appreciated.

This will not be an easy goal to reach. Despite the fact that some 7 million people come to NRO each month, contributors are sparse. Granted, plenty of visitors are here for just a brief stop. But hundreds of thousands essentially live here. They are, if you will, NRO junkies (I mean this in the . . . positive sense of junkie): You know the type (and may even be it): They check out NRO when they wake up, scroll through the Corner right before they turn out the lights, and visit the site dozens of times in between. Every day. If you are a frequent flyer who finds NRO vital to the battle against the Left, I need you — especially if you have cheap-skated your way through the years, letting others buy the rounds while you quaffed for free — to belly up, pony up, whatever up you can imagine, as long as it manifests itself as a contribution (sorely needed!) that will help NR punch hard, and again, only harder, and to punch non-stop till the ref counts to ten.

Help NRO. Sock it to George! Donate here.

— Jack Fowler is the vice president of National Review.

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