Not Wanting Your Boyfriend to Wear Lace Shorts Is Deemed Problematic 

(Image via @cazwellnyc)
First we had RompHim, now this. Not being on board doesn’t make you a hater.

So, lacy shorts for men are a thing now, and just like with the male romper, the Internet is split into three camps on the issue: The people who think it’s awesomely progressive, the people who don’t like it, and the people who think that the people who don’t like it are problematic for not liking it. 

In case you haven’t heard about lace-shorts-gate yet: A rapper, Cazwell, posted a picture on Instagram showing him and others wearing the shorts along with the caption “Lace WILL be in this summer.” And much like with the RompHim a few weeks ago, it sparked a lot of Internet criticism:

So — what are my thoughts on gender-bending fashion? Do I hate it? Do I love it? How about this: I don’t care. Yep, that’s right — I actually do not have any strong emotions or deeply embedded value judgments when it comes to other people’s shorts. I also think that making fun of other people’s clothing choices is a pretty normal and okay thing that we all do. I mean, if you are using a homophobic slur to describe someone in the shorts, then that’s one thing — you’d be awful and that piece in Unicorn Booty would obviously be right about you. But just saying you don’t like them, or even saying you wouldn’t be attracted to a man who was wearing them, is perfectly okay. 


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