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These Bills Are Outstanding

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By my calculation, this is Day 33 of our #30DaysHathBucktember webathon. Well, I was never good with calendars. But I am solid with this: Sunday, November 19, at 11:59 p.m., marks the end of this effort.

Let’s get the linkage done up front:

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Now let’s get mystical. Behind whatever we do here, lurking in our memories, staring down from pictures around the office, echoing through the dimensions, are words of direction and wisdom and inspiration from two outstanding Bills. The guys in the picture.

Buckley and Rusher. The giants on whose shoulders we stand. Through National Review, they launched, sustained, and expanded the conservative movement, winning millions of hearts and minds. Their efforts brought freedom to countless people around the world — and landed a guy named Reagan in the White House.

Vital to the Bills’ broad project was keeping National Review surviving and thriving. As younger men nurturing a baby weekly publication (yes, NR once came every week!), come 1958, with investment funds running out and a tsunami of red ink flowing in, they dodged collapse by turning to the people who believed that they, too, had an important part in this National Review thing, yes, a magazine, but even more so a cause. B & B turned to NR’s readers and subscribers. And they gave. Generously.

And still do.

NR today continues to rely on its friends to do what we all deeply want — defending and articulating and propagating conservatism for our own sakes, and for those of our children and theirs and theirs too.

So that gets us back to NRO’s Fall 2017 Webathon. We’re trying to raise $200,000 to put some major muscle and mucho oomph behind our popular and growing podcasting effort, the nuts and bolts of which are spelled out here.

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And deeply appreciated.

I am asking this of you for myself, and I am sure, for Bill and Bill, as they watch and encourage and nag from a much better place, praying that the vital mission they crafted, launched, nurtured, and expanded will persist and triumph. Through NR.

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