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Families of Parkland Shooting to Hold Press Conference for School-Safety Bill

The father of one of the victims will head up the event.

Families of the victims killed in the Parkland school shooting will hold a press conference on Tuesday to lobby for the school-safety bill making its way through the Florida legislature.

The public-safety bill, Senate Bill 7026, would devote $450 million to enhancing school security and mental-health services.

The Florida bill would also ban bump stocks, set up a “red flag law,” and make it illegal to sell a gun to anyone under 21 (with some exceptions).

Ryan Petty, the father of 14-year-old Alaina, who died in the shooting last month, will head up the conference. Petty also spoke last week in favor of Governor Scott’s reforms before the Florida House and Senate added a three-day waiting period for purchasing rifles and shotguns.

“Today, we call on the Florida Legislature to set aside political differences, to make the safety of the children in our schools their only priority,” Petty told RedState. “We call on them to pass legislation to protect our children at school, during this legislative session. We ask Governor Scott to sign this legislation and then work with state and county officials to quickly implement it.”

“As a family of a victim of the senseless shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, this week will be a roller coaster of emotion. We want to see school safety addressed in the Florida Legislature.”

The bill is scheduled for a Senate vote tomorrow, and will head to the House after that and then to the governor’s desk if passed before the March 9 deadline.