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Matt Drudge Warns Twitter: ‘Move Over’

(Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

Matt Drudge, the influential founder of the news-aggregating website the Drudge Report, threw more fuel on the fire of a growing feud with Twitter Thursday.

“Move over, Twitter,” Drudge tweeted along with a graph ranking the top external referrers on the Internet.

The Drudge Report at the time ranked just below Twitter, though it has since been bumped down one slot by Bing.

Drudge’s readers ripped into Twitter earlier this week after the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, accused the mammoth social-media platform of “censoring” Drudge Report tweets. Several tweets were blocked from view with a paragraph explaining they contained “sensitive content.”

“Why does Twitter censor Drudge like this?” one user asked.

“Twitter can censor anyone they want for any reason. They’re a private company,” another countered.

The social-media giant has been on the receiving end of conservatives’ ire for allegedly censoring other content as well.

At the end of February, some right-wing users complained of a “Twitter Lockout” that caused them to lose significant numbers of followers.

“Twitter’s tools are apolitical, and we enforce our rules without political bias. As part of our ongoing work in safety, we identify suspicious account behaviors that indicate automated activity or violations of our policies around having multiple accounts, or abuse,” Twitter told the Verge.

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