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Why We Need Your Help

We don’t live in a world where the work NR does can be supported by advertising alone.

We hate asking for money. Oh, how I wish we lived in a world where corporations with big advertising budgets felt comfortable buying ads in political magazines, particularly conservative magazines. But we don’t.

National Review doesn’t have a deep-pocketed billionaire backer who can just write a check every time expenditures exceed revenues from subscriptions, advertising, and the cruises. We have you.

The good news is we don’t need you to donate a billion or a million, but if that option interests you, Jack Fowler is eager to have a chat. We just need you to kick in whatever you think NR’s free offerings are worth. And judging from the reaction to pieces such as Michael Doran’s “The Real Collusion Story,” Andy McCarthy’s detailed dissection of the twists and turns in the Mueller investigation, Rich Lowry’s takedown of “The Teenage Demagogues,” Mairead McArdle’s exposure of how a politically correct turn against guns has hurt the sales of sporting-goods chain, or (ahem) my reporting on how retired FBI officials are recoiling from Jim Comey’s sudden status as a partisan celebrity, these offerings are the kind of hard-hitting, thought-provoking, consequential journalism that is worth quite a bit.

We know from our traffic numbers that some days the site attracts a million views. The overwhelming majority of those readers will never pay a dime to read National Review. That’s why we need you to help.

The suits at National Review are comfortable laying out exactly how much we need to raise — $100,000 to pay off the complete rebuild of the web site — you notice how much less buggy it is now? — $50,000 for another reporter, $60,000 to create a new position of financial reporter, and if we’re lucky enough to raise enough to fund all of that, we’ll put the rest towards additional investigative efforts into exposing, as Jack put it, “pronoun-detesting academics, Right-suppressing media mouthpieces, and leftist hoodlum bureaucrats.”

That’s a future worth getting excited about — and it’s hopefully worth a quick donation.


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