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Keep the American Ember Glowing: Donate to the 2018 Spring Webathon

Help us preserve this great experiment.

The ongoing 2018 Spring Webathon provides the opportunity to joke that National Review has been going out of business since the day it opened in 1955. As with most jokes, there’s an element of truth built in at the root. We haven’t gone out of business, of course — despite the many pre-obituaries that have been written in both sadness and glee. But at times it has been tight. Alas, we lack one of those island-dwelling, helicopter-flying, Bond-villain-esque billionaire backers who can be so helpful to journals of political opinion. And so, right from the start, we have been reliant upon our readers. It is you who have kept the joke funny. Thank you.

You might think that, with an Eisenhower-era Sword of Damocles hanging constantly over our heads, we would be standing as still as we can, hellbent on making no sudden movements. But quite the opposite is true. Indeed, is in the midst of a flurry of activity. The new site is up and running, and has met with almost universal approval. Our podcast operation has become so big that we have hired a designated podcast producer to take care of it — she starts in June. A couple of months ago, we launched our News service, so that you don’t have to leave the website to find out what is going in the world. Daily, we publish more commentary and analysis than we ever have before. And we aren’t done. We are looking to hire another reporter and a financial writer on top of all that. Jack Fowler has the details here.

It’s all rather exciting. But big plans cost big money, and that’s the bit we lack. Our aim is to raise $210,000 — a sum that will help cover some of the overspend on the website (these things always cost a little more than they were going to), and that will help us move forward with new hires, new offerings, and new technology with which to bring them all to you.

I moved to the United States because I saw that it was the last place on earth in which the great classically liberal values were being successfully incubated. (I’m aware of the irony that a Brit had to leave Britain to enjoy the birthright to which America’s founders believed they were entitled, but that’s the way it is.) And so it is that place — as I have discovered to my delight since I stepped off that plane nearly seven years ago. But will it always be? Incubators are fragile things, and they need constant attention if the precious cargo they carry is to remain intact. Making sure that America remains America is National Review’s most sacred mission. Indeed, that, ultimately, is the whole project. It is the reason we show up to work. It is the point in your keeping our lights on. It is the common aim that unites the eclectic assortment of writers and thinkers who call NR home. We have our differences, and we are all different, but we are in agreement on one point: That America’s light must not be permitted to fade.

You can help keep the ember glowing by making a generous donation to National Review right here. Whether you can afford $10 or $25, or maybe as much as $1,000 or $2,500 or even more, all contributions will be of real help, and all are deeply appreciated. We recognize the selfless motivation that inspires our friends and supporters who, like us, want to play a consequential role in preserving this great experiment we call and cherish as America.


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