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NRPlus Conference Call with Rich Lowry, Charles C. W. Cooke, & David French

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Rich Lowry, Charlie Cooke, and David French participated in the inaugural NRPlus Conference Call on Tuesday. They discussed Tom Wolfe’s passing, the opening of the Jerusalem embassy, and the current political climate.

Rich opened the call by remembering author Tom Wolfe, the preeminent journalist and novelist and friend of National Review, who passed away on May 14. Rich shared memories from the recent William F. Buckley Prize Dinner at which Wolfe was honored and Charlie and David highlighted the impact Wolfe’s work has had on them.

Next they discussed the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem, with Charlie noting that perhaps, though at least two of the last three presidents have promised to move it, it takes a person like Donald Trump to actually follow through. Rich and David addressed the question of whether the Israeli military ought to have responded with less deadly force.

Widening the discussion, Rich asked where we, as a country, seem to stand. Trump’s approval ratings are up, the U.S. seems to be on track for the summit with North Korea, unemployment is low. Rich, Charlie, and David discussed what effect all this will have on the midterm elections.

Nearing the end of the call, Rich took a question from the Facebook group asking David for his thoughts on where the U.S. should go after pulling out of the Iran deal. Leaving the Iran deal was the right thing to do, David said, but noted that the act of leaving is not a strategy. He outlined what he thought that strategy should be.

Rich, David, and Charlie wrapped up the call with sincere thanks to all those listening in. National Review is not just a publication, Rich emphasized, but a cause and a community, and these NRPlus calls are the next step in the extension of that community.

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