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We need your help to keep the hits coming.

We are just under two weeks away from the 2018 midterm elections, which means we’re just under two weeks away from the end of National Review’s Fall Webathon, to which you may — nay, must — donate here.

Why should you hand over your hard-earned cash, besides helping to pay the day-care bills my ungrateful toddlers keep racking up? You’ve been given lots of good reasons already. Rich Lowry highlighted our spectacular coverage of the Brett Kavanaugh debacle (my own, ahem, invaluable contribution to which dove into the etymology of the word “boof”) and the cries of pain we provoked from the left. Political junkies Jim Geraghty and Alexandra DeSanctis pointed out that there’s no better place to go for horse-race coverage and on-the-ground political reporting. Katherine Timpf touted our coverage of the lunacy on American college campuses.

The simplest reason of all, though, is that in today’s political environment, with elections hanging in the balance, we absolutely need a sane, strong conservative voice of the kind that National Review, and only National Review, provides. We need John Fund weighing in on the specter of a blue wave. We need Kyle Smith urging Hillary to run again. We need Heather Wilhelm sending up the “Betomania” that’s captured the hearts of reporters more than of Texans. We need The Editors making the case against Heidi Heitkamp. We need Reihan Salam highlighting the little-known fact that Hispanic voters are warming up to the president. And we need Jay Cost looking past November all the way to the 2020 election.

This is just a sampling of the politics coverage you’ve been able to find at NRO over the past few weeks. Every day we put together a fresh slate of top-quality punditry, policy analysis, and cultural criticism. But doing this isn’t free, even if it’s free to read. That’s why we need your support, and why we’ve created a handy website that makes it easy to donate.

If you keep your wallet closed, the liberals win, so please give generously.

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