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At an anti-Kavanaugh protest in New York City, October 6, 2018 (Reuters/Stephen Yang)
NR’s conservative journalism has never been more necessary, and we need your support to keep producing it.

If you didn’t understand why supporting the 2018 Fall Webathon was vital a few weeks ago, I’m sure you understand now.

Politics is a dirty business. We know that this world is filled with hired character assassins, energetic opposition researchers, and unscrupulous activists. But the most disturbing part of the Brett Kavanaugh affair was the willingness and ability of “civilians” to coordinate with the prestige media and Democrats to smear his name. Suddenly the Georgetown Prep and Yale alumni email chains were buzzing: Can you remember if he did anything? Here are the reasons why you should remember. We can take him down. Acting under the advice of the unscrupulous Michael Avenatiti, one poor woman almost certainly sent in perjurious statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Against this dark backdrop, NR needs your financial and moral support more than ever. We’re dedicated to a principled defense of the American order, and you’ve seen in recent weeks why that mission is so urgent.

A cultivated madness and moral panic has seized our political debate. The Left has tried to bring the norms of Title IX campus courts into the Senate. Its acolytes have tried to create an atmosphere of hysteria and panic. The presumption of innocence? An irrelevant relic, they say. Due process? Why bother? A Supreme Court nomination is just a job interview, after all.

These are not arguments, really, so much as threats. Progressives want this madness to go from the Senate to the human-resources department at your place of work. Facebook’s employees are pitching a revolt because one of their executives supported Kavanaugh, and they are being cheered on by the New York Times. What will it look like when this inquisition comes for you? They’ll say that you donated to the wrong people, that you liked the wrong posts on social media, that you read the wrong things.

In a saner age to come, the history books will judge this orchestrated chaos for what it was. But you don’t have to wait for the truth to come out. You can read it today, on National Review’s website and in its pages.

Think of Charlie Cooke’s elegant dissections of the trumped-up charges of perjury against Kavanaugh. Or David French’s incisive essays about the collapse of the case against Kavanaugh, and the role of elite class consciousness in keeping that case on life support. Or Andrew McCarthy cutting through the pretenses of the Left and exposing their smear operation.

Conservative ideas have always been an inoculation against intellectual fads, a shelter against the temporary squalls of public opinion. But today, National Review is a prophylactic against insanity itself. You’ve seen the mainstream press drop its standards in order to oppose Trump. You’ve seen Democrats in the Senate lower their institution to oppose Kavanaugh. And you’ve probably noticed that even some of your old friends and dear family members are losing the run of themselves to outrage. It can almost feel like you’re the only one not going crazy. Until you come here.

National Review has never been more necessary. Stay sane, with us, even if the world is determined to go mad. Donate today, and please be generous.

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