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Election Day is almost here — a little more than two weeks away now. Across the country, candidates are making their last-minute appeals to voters, and pollsters are churning out data to help us figure out what we might expect to see on November 6. And we at National Review are asking you to donate to our Fall 2018 Webathon, so we can keep you informed about everything that happens.

Thankfully for our readers, NR has the pulse of everything elections — whether through our constant quick updates on the Corner with all the latest polling, or with in-depth analysis of every major race. A huge part of my work at NRO for the last year and a half has been reporting on elections, making sure all of the dedicated readers who visit our site get the information they need without having to crisscross the entire country. I do it so you don’t have to.

Our work started in earnest early last year, with the special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district. It was the first big election following Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, and the Left insisted that Democrat Jon Ossoff was going to flip the House seat blue. Pundits and Democratic politicians swore that Georgia would switch hands because voters couldn’t stand Trump’s Republican party. After visiting the district twice, though, I thought commentators had it wrong, and I wrote as much for NRO — and it turns out I was right. On election night, I was on the ground in Georgia reporting on the victory party as Republican Karen Handel won the race by several points.

I covered the gubernatorial elections in my home state of Virginia last November, too, profiling longtime Republican stalwart Ed Gillespie and reporting live from the victory party for the Democratic winner, Ralph Northam, in Northern Virginia. Whether Republicans won or lost, NRO had the beat on the biggest electoral stories of 2017.

This year, of course, is even bigger, with midterm elections that offer voters their first real chance to express their views on the presidency of Donald Trump, on the accomplishments of the Republican party over the last two years, and on the way that Democrats have responded to this administration by radicalizing even further.

We didn’t miss a beat. During the primaries, NRO writers kept close tabs on big contests in Illinois, including when we endorsed a conservative challenger to Governor Bruce Rauner, and when I was on the ground to cover the campaign of stalwart pro-life Democrat Dan Lipinski as he faced a close race against a progressive who made support for abortion a key component of her campaign.

In big battleground states, we’ve followed Republican candidates challenging Democratic senators who are obviously out of step with what their voters want. In North Dakota, West Virginia, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, and more, our writers have consistently brought the best reporting and analysis right to your screens. And we don’t neglect swing-district House races either.

On November 6, as the votes are counted and races are called, we’ll be the place to go not only for up-to-date results but also for quick reactions from reporters who have been covering these races for months and from thoughtful commentators who understand the ramifications of every contest.

In an election year, we want NRO to be your home and your one-stop shop for all the coverage you could ever need or want. We shine a spotlight on conservative candidates who would otherwise be ignored by major media outlets. We call attention to the ways in which Democratic incumbents have betrayed the trust of their constituents. We provide a space for the best analysts and commentators in conservative media to reflect on how this year’s elections might turn out and to consider what those results might mean for the conservative movement and for the future of our country.

None of that would be possible without your support. I’ve been able to go from the northern suburbs of Atlanta to the western suburbs of Chicago to the wide plains of North Dakota to the corn fields of Indiana — reporting back what I find along the way — because of your generous contributions to our important work. With your continued help, which you can give by clicking here, we’ll keep our substantive, thoughtful, accurate elections coverage going for years come.

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