Midterm Ballot Initiatives Matter, Too

Sign outside a polling place during early voting in McAllen, Texas, October 22, 2018. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)
While the world’s attention is understandably fixed on the fight for Congress, Election Day will also see hundreds of consequential measures put before voters.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W e are now less than two weeks away from what promise to be enormously consequential midterm elections. Most of the attention so far has understandably been focused on the battle for control of Congress. That contest, according to current polls, is likely to end up in something of a draw, with Democrats taking control of the House while Republicans pick up a couple of seats in the Senate. There will also be important down-ballot races, with Democrats expected to pick up several governorships and make limited gains in state legislatures.

Often overlooked, however, will be several important ballot measures that could …

Michael TannerMr. Tanner is the director of the Cato Institute’s Project on Poverty and Inequality in California and the author of The Inclusive Economy: How to Bring Wealth to America’s Poor.


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