The Handsome, Witty, Sorrowful Man at the Bar

Michael C. Hall in Thom Pain (based on nothing) (Joan Marcus)
Thom Pain (Based on Nothing), a monologue delivered with poisoned panache, elicits a few laughs and a lot of squirming.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P icture a tony Upper East Side bar on a quiet night. The  man next to you is effortlessly handsome, impeccably dressed in a well-cut suit. His diction suggests an expensive education. He puts away gin-and-tonics like lemonade. He is irresistibly clever, and he knows it. Life, you think, must be gentle on such a fortunate man. Yet it isn’t. He spins sorrowful autobiographical anecdotes from a distance, mocking himself along the way so as to foreclose any suspicion that he is seeking your pity. Whenever he gets close to earnestness or genuine feeling, he capers away. The more playful asides

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