‘Bless All the Dear Children in Thy Tender Care’

A girl with a nativity scene on Christmas Eve in La Paz, Bolivia, in 2004. (David Mercado/Reuters)
This is not a story about inevitability but a story about choice, a choice that it is not given to us to understand entirely.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I f you have never learned to hate the human race but would really like to get started on that, try volunteer work. There is nothing quite like trying to help your fellow man to convince you that your fellow man is hot garbage piled high.

I once did some work with prisoners, which involves more or less the challenges you would expect. I am not an especially patient or naturally sympathetic man, and our prisons are full of conniving and dishonest lowlifes with a talent for trying what patience one has in the first two minutes of any encounter. I was


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