Mary Poppins Returns, in Splendor

Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns (Walt Disney Studios)
The 1960s kids’ classic is revisited but not revamped, thankfully.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I   pictured her arriving on a skateboard, midriff bare, singing a Katy Perry tune. I pictured twerking. Instead, Mary Poppins Returns is a seamless continuation of the story, free of all modern rubbish and defiantly lacking in edge.

It’s absolutely adorable. I picture the starchy English politician Jacob Rees-Mogg attending with all six children and regularly calling out, “Quite so!” and “Jolly well done!” Whether the kiddies will go for this movie, I have no idea, but Mary Poppins Returns is going to wow grandparents.

Mary Poppins wasn’t broken, so in its wisdom Disney didn’t fix it. Almost everything is the same, right


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