The Top Ten Best Movies of 2018

Lukas Haas, Ryan Gosling, and Corey Stoll in First Man. (Daniel McFadden/Universal Pictures)
The ones that blew me away in 2018

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I loathe the film-reviewing tendency to insist that three-hour Romanian divorce dramas are obviously far more interesting than Hollywood fare. Still, some of the best movies I saw this year were modestly budgeted independent films. The purpose of a film is to move you, to draw an emotional reaction, to make you gasp or cry or sweat. These are the ones that blew me away in 2018, whether with their inventiveness, their plot twists, their terror, or their heart. I’ll go in reverse order and lead up to my pick for the best movie of the year.

10. The Mule (in theaters).


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