One Way to Do Brexit: Unilateral Free Trade

Shipping containers at Southampton Docks in Southampton, England, 2017. (Eddie Keogh/Reuters)
Abolishing barriers to imports will benefit all Britons and will require no help from abroad.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T heresa May’s government and much of the British establishment is suffering from a severe panic at the thought of a “no-deal” Brexit and what it would mean for, among other things, British trade relations with the European Union.

Here, the United Kingdom has an opportunity to reclaim a very old — and very British — solution: unilateral free trade.

The United Kingdom has the power to write its own trade accord with the European Union — a trade accord consisting of two words: “Yes, please.”

The born-again mercantilists and daft neo-nationalists fundamentally misunderstand trade: The benefits of trade are the imports; the exports


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