Cuomo’s War on Housing

New York governor Andrew Cuomo (Mike Segar/Reuters)
The New York governor talks up affordable housing, but his actual policies achieve precisely the opposite.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE G reater New York is, as you may have heard, kind of expensive.

Some of the inflated expenses associated with life in New York can be avoided: You can forgo those $15 packs of cigarettes, and your lungs will thank you. You can skip the $59 prix fixe lunch at Del Posto and opt for the dollar slice instead. The subways don’t work worth a damn anymore, but you’ll still avoid the 18.375 percent parking tax.

But you have to live somewhere.

As in the Bay Area, Washington, and other Democrat-dominated cities, housing is the real killer in New York City and environs.

Partly that’s

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