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Truth Is the Enemy of Socialism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey discuss the proposed “Green New Deal,” February 7, 2019 (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
With your support, we can keep exposing the lies that socialists tell.

By nearly every metric, the Democratic party is becoming increasingly extreme. One of the party’s front-runners for the 2020 presidential nomination is an avowed socialist. Some of the loudest and most prominent young Democrats in the House are self-described socialists, too, and they’ve wasted no time in pushing policies to socialize our health-care system and overhaul our economy with their Green New Deal.

Keeping track of these frightening developments is pretty much a full-time job. And it just so happens that the job is mine.

Here at National Review, we know that socialist policies will take America in the exact wrong direction and make all of us less free, and that we have to keep our readers informed about just how radical the Left is becoming. We need your help to do that and to reach as many people as possible with our factual reporting and careful analysis. That’s why we’re working to raise $175,000 in our Spring 2019 Webathon, to which you can donate here.

For decades, the best writers and thinkers in the conservative movement have found a home at NR to make the argument against socialism. Unfortunately, that fight now has to be renewed yet again, this time as growing numbers of Americans — especially younger Americans — say they prefer socialism to capitalism. Democrats want voters to believe that socialism is just another word for “free things the government does for more people.”

But that’s a lie, and if they get a chance to implement these policies, Americans will be worse off. In fact, even Democratic politicians themselves are afraid to champion their own policies. I reported in late March that not a single Senate Democrat voted for the Green New Deal, even though they had spent months insisting that the proposal was the only hope to save our planet from the existential threat of climate change.

Every Democratic senator currently running for the 2020 presidential nomination chose to vote “present” on the Green New Deal instead of voting in favor of the bill — even though six of them are signed on as co-sponsors. Shouldn’t the men and women who wish to be our next president have the courage either to vote for the proposals they say they support or to publicly oppose the policies for which they refuse to vote?

Medicare for All, meanwhile, is all but financially impossible — and that’s the least of its problems. Almost all of the Democrats running for president have said they support this fiscally irresponsible plan. I wrote an article this spring explaining that the Democrats’ Medicare for All proposal would mandate government coverage of abortions, guaranteeing “free” abortions for all women funded entirely by U.S. taxpayers. It’s a violation of the principles on which our nation was founded.

These are the types of radical policies Democrats want to put in place. And to continue my reporting and analysis on this crucial moment in our political history, I need your help. National Review has always stood in defense of American values, of free markets, and of authentic freedom. We’ve been able to do that only because of your help, and the help of generous NR readers from decades past. Any contribution at all will make a huge difference in all that we do. Donate here.


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