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We’ve Had Bill Barr’s Back

Then-Attorney General William Barr arrives to testify on Capitol Hill, April 9, 2019. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)

One of the more dismaying features of the national political debate lately is how casually and cynically Attorney General Bill Barr has been smeared.

He is routinely compared to Roy Cohn on a cable-TV program that prides itself on assembling the most thoughtful and plugged-in political analysts and reporters.

He has been accused of perjuring himself by the speaker of the House, on completely spurious grounds.

And, of course, the House Judiciary Committee held him in contempt, essentially for redacting material from the Mueller report that he was legally obligated to redact.

I’m sure that Barr has a healthy disdain for all of this, but even he has to be a little bothered by the fact that, after a long, distinguished career in the law, the bogus contempt vote will forevermore appear high in his Wikipedia entry and other accounts of his life’s work.

He’d never say this, but I will: It’s disgusting.

Barr didn’t volunteer to return to the DOJ for personal glory or career enhancement — he’s had enough of that already. He thought he could, with his formidable knowledge and experience, help navigate the department through an incredibly fraught time, and so far, he has done it admirably.

If you’ve been paying any attention to our Webathon (please consider contributing here!), you know that fighting socialism has been its theme, and indeed we are just out with our comprehensive special anti-socialist issue, following up on our comprehensive special pro-markets issue.

But we can chew gum and walk at the same time, or at least focus on the big intellectual fights while not neglecting the day-to-day trench warfare of our politics.

While we have been publishing our issues on market and socialism, we’ve also been standing up for Bill Barr.

We’ve posted several editorials defending his handling of the report and holding up to ridicule the argument that he has been engaged in some kind of cover-up, or done anything other than act appropriately. He would have been fully within his rights under the regulations not to release the report at all.

We’ve published numerous Andy McCarthy columns on Barr that have dissected the case against him with the knowledge, acuity, and verve that have made Andy’s pieces on this website must-reads across the political spectrum.

Andy has discussed the Barr controversies in depth in his podcast that we produce and host, the McCarthy Report.

I’ve chipped in my own contributions (and have considered every bit of blowback they’ve gotten on Twitter and cable TV as a badge of honor).

And we’ve had a couple of dozen other pieces and blog posts defending him as well. Please see the entire list of our Barr material to date below.

Now, I’m sure there are fundraising mavens out there who would read this pitch, and say, “Rich, what are you doing? The theme of this drive is socialism! You’re going to confuse your readers!”

Actually, I think this “mixed message” is exactly why you should help NR reach its $175,000 goal for this Webathon: because we do enduring arguments at a high level of principle, and also mix it up in the hour-by-hour political scrum; because we seek to shape the intellectual climate without ever neglecting the political weather; because broad intellectual trends get our attention and so do the latest taking points on left-wing cable news.

There aren’t many journalistic outfits that can say this, and certainly none — in my view — with writers as versatile, deep, and talented as ours.

If all this work naturally supported itself, we wouldn’t have to hold Webathons. But it doesn’t. We depend on our friends for support.

We’ve had Bill Barr’s back. I humbly ask that you get ours.

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