Who’s in Charge Here?

President Donald Trump at a Cabinet meeting at the White House, November 19, 2019. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)
Trump has thrown out plenty of rascals — mostly ones he appointed.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O ne theory of the Donald Trump presidential campaign was: “He’ll break stuff.”

Mission accomplished.

The idea of Trump-as-bulldozer, blunderbuss, and agent of chaos — the burn-it-down ethos that Steve Bannon communicates when he calls himself a “Leninist” — was a powerful stimulant to many resentful rightists (conservative is not really the word) in 2016. They felt humiliated by the lordly affectations of Barack Obama and his clique and frustrated that Republicans were unable to best him. (The remarkable success of congressional Republicans in containing the Obama administration after 2010 is a story that was seldom told and even more seldom appreciated.) They


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