How to Deal with the Counterfeit-Goods Problem

Shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, Calif., January 30, 2019. (Mike Blake/Reuters)
Let’s start by enforcing the law.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P resident Donald Trump’s incompetently executed trade war is set to cost U.S. companies something like $316 billion through the end of 2020, a conservative estimate, and the indications from the tentatively emerging trade armistice with Beijing is that it has accomplished donkey squat on the biggest beef U.S. firms have with China: the theft of intellectual property, particularly in the form of counterfeit goods.

The effort to control counterfeit goods is a lot like the effort to control the use of firearms in violent crime: Government is willing to try almost anything short of doing its job.

The gun-control case and the


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