This Will Be Our Year

Workers unload numerals for News Year’s Eve celebrations at Times Square in New York City, December 11, 2019. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)
Or, at least, it’ll be the year we make of it.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE ‘T his will be our year,” the Zombies sang. “It took a long time to come.”

There’s going to be an election in 2020. Political partisans already have their New Year’s resolutions ready to go: Win. This will be our year!

Ask your average Fox News host or Democratic rage-monkey on Twitter why winning is so important, and 99 and 44/100 percent of the time you’ll get the same answer: Them. The Other Guys. The Enemy. Half of the country believes that the other half is so wretched and wicked that it must be kept from political power at all costs — and


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