In Pennsylvania, Democrats Fight a GOP Bill to Expand School Choice

Tom Wolf delivers a speech after being sworn in as the 47th Governor of Pennsylvania. January 20, 2015. (Mark Makela/Reuters)
Democratic governor Tom Wolf and the teachers’ unions are out of step with the mainstream consensus.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P ennsylvania lawmakers are poised to put Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, on defense for his opposition to new school-choice legislation. Republicans aim to offer better schooling options to some of the state’s neediest students. Meanwhile, Wolf and his union benefactors, who mouth support for improving education outcomes, seek to block choice-based solutions at every turn.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), which describes itself as an organization devoted to “student-centered teaching and learning,” contributed more than $1.5 million to Wolf during his successful reelection effort in 2018. The PSEA has made significant campaign contributions not just to Wolf but to other


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