The Comedy of Decline

Jane Alexander and James Cromwell in Grand Horizons (Joan Marcus)
The jokes are as creaky as the characters in the old-folks play Grand Horizons.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE B roadway’s Grand Horizons could have been titled Not Particularly. A not-particularly-engaging elderly couple has a not-particularly-compelling two-hour quarrel expressed in not-particularly-funny one-liners. Do I recommend it? Not particularly.

The play by Bess Wohl (at the Helen Hayes Theater through March 1) has been compared to the work of Neil Simon, but Neil Simon, though he was too fond of stagey contrivance and too often content to glide above the surface of his situations, was a master of comedy. A Broadway theater on West 52nd Street is named after him. Wohl, on the other hand, writes weak gestures in the direction of


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