Armory Show Soldiers On

The Joy Factory, 2020, by Mehdi Ghadyanloo. (Courtesy Dastan Gallery)
Awash with Purell, an art show brings in crowds

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I  went to the opening of this year’s Armory Show at Pier 94 in Manhattan on Wednesday. Outside was the sparkling Hudson. Inside, there was enough Purell to float the Circle Line. The first flu cases have already hit Manhattan but the mood was lively among big crowds. Elbow bumps, air kisses, unusually ridiculous jazz waves, and a bow or two ruled the festivities. Champagne flowed, as did 120 proof hand sanitizer, but hold the Corona beer, please. It’ll kill the mood.

With 180 galleries from 32 countries showing mostly new work, it’s a massive show, so big no Armory in New


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