Cecil Beaton’s Bright Young Things

The Bright Young Things at Wilsford, 1927, by Cecil Beaton. (© The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive)
An exhibit at London’s National Portrait Gallery explores the aesthetic 1920s set and the photographer who chronicled them.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE ‘C ecil Beaton’s Bright Young Things” is the new exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery. If anyone could love a museum and have only one love, I’d pick the NPG. Its spacious, elegant galleries are packed with portraits of Britain’s great and good, with a few devils, and over the years, depending on my mood and particular dilemmas, I would look at a portrait and ask, “What would he do?”

Depending on the dilemma, I’d ask Catherine Parr how she kept her head when all about were losing theirs. There’s a portrait of Balfour and Chamberlain, masters of Imperial Britain but at

(© The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive)


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