On the Shooting of Deplorables

Betty Gilpin in The Hunt (Universal Pictures)
The Hunt’s gallery of condescending liberals and ignorant rednecks is pretty much guaranteed to irritate everyone.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE ‘T he Most Dangerous Game” gets the InfoWars treatment in The Hunt, a horror-satire that was postponed from its fall release date after a trailer, which showed Davos elites hunting “Deplorables” for blood sport, led to an outcry on the irony-challenged Right. President Trump led the chorus.

Now the movie has restyled itself as “controversial” for marketing purposes.

As the trailer promised, The Hunt mocks the caviar-scarfing, NPR-listening, private jet-owning progs who run a nefarious ring that goes around the country kidnapping and drugging their perceived ideological enemies, who read as “Trump supporters” though Trump goes unmentioned. The prey wake up gagged and


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