Obamacare on the Chopping Block?

Supporters of Obamacare demonstrate outside the Supreme Court in 2015. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
A Hail Mary lawsuit aims to bring down the law. Its rationale is laughable.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he Supreme Court will once again decide Obamacare’s fate. It will step in to handle a Hail Mary challenge to the law spearheaded by several red states and effectively endorsed by the Trump administration, even though the lower courts aren’t quite done with the case yet.

It’s unlikely that SCOTUS will invalidate the law this time around, especially with John Roberts positioned roughly in the Court’s center. And barring some unforeseen developments, the case won’t be decided until after the election this year. But briefs will be filed before then, and oral argument could happen as early as October — meaning

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