Poetry with the Power to Rescue Us

A new collection of poems from Brett Foster helps us see lost goods, neglected beauties, and forgotten truths.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE B rett Foster and I had planned to meet for dinner on November 14, 2015; instead, I attended his funeral. I had not heard back from him in weeks about our plans and was fighting off my suspicion that he was losing his fight with colon cancer. In my last emails from him, Brett remained optimistic about his future, especially about his poetry, which was pouring steadily from his mind and heart, even as his body weakened. He announced the forthcoming publication of Extravagant Rescues as “answered prayer—good news in a bad season, indeed. And,” he added, “this is an entirely

Jessica Hooten Wilson is an associate professor of humanities at John Brown University, where she directs a graduate program in classical Christian studies. She is the author of books on Flannery O’Connor, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Walker Percy.


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