Ezra Klein’s Alternate Reality

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Presidential Gun Sense Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, August 10, 2019. (Gage Skidmore)
The Vox founder wishes Elizabeth Warren were in charge. Why?

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A lternate history is fascinating to many. The often seemingly arbitrary procession of events that leads up to the present offers endless possibilities for wondering about “if it had happened otherwise,” to borrow the title of one such collection of counterfactual eventualities. Some imagine darker outcomes, such as what might have followed Confederate victory in the Civil War or Axis victory in World War II. Others posit how bad events could have turned out better, such as if the Titanic had had more lifeboats.

The preferred alternate reality of Vox editor-at-large Ezra Klein is one in which Elizabeth Warren is in charge.

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